Want to watch a good movie?

Want to watch a good movie?

Happy Cool Website Wednesday!

This week, the winner in our Cool Website Wednesday is the website AGoodMovieToWatchh.

If you want to watch highly-rated, little-known movies, you can find them on AGoodMovieToWatch.

They are suggesting fantastic movies that were overlooked and deserve a bit more love than they got. Their philosophy is: the marketing dollars shouldn’t decide the fate of a film.

The contributors of AGoodMovieToWatch website can recommend a film based on your mood, or on what’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu. They also have interesting lists created by their staff members such as “the 50 best comedy movies you’re never heard of”.

When you select a movie they recommend, you can see its rating, read the movie info, view the IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes descriptions and view the trailer. You can also see if this film is still on Netflix or not in your country.

Enjoy a movie recommended from AGoodMovieToWatch tonight! And tell us in the comments what movie did you pick.

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