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TheNewBoston – world’s largest collection of free computer and technology related tutorials on the web.

You can choose from over 7,000 videos in programming, web design, video editing, game development, and more, and also full courses from Yale, Harvard, Stanford and UCLA from Social Sciences, Humanities, Science to Math.

If you want to impress your friends with your knowledge about Quantum Physics, or learn more about Ancient Egypt, or understand Human Emotions, there is a video for everyone.

Check it out and leave in the comments what video or course did you decide to watch.

Happy Cool Website Wednesday’s everyone!




When was the last time when you wanted to check a service or download a free ebook from a website and you were not sure if it’s worth signing up and giving your email address to be spammed for the rest of your life?

We found a solution to some of the spam that hits your inbox:

This website does exactly what the name says: 10 Minutes Mail gives you a temporary email address that received mail that expires after 10 minutes (you can extend the expiring time by pressing a button and you’re getting another 10 minutes). Unlike many other proxy email services, doesn’t get blocked, because they’re constantly changing their domain names

You can read all the emails that are sent to this address directly in the page without needing to login to any inbox.

You can also reply to sender by clicking a button. In the past you could even forward this email to your good current address, but this functionality is temporary closed because of the abuse.

Enjoy our pick for this week Cool Website Wednesday and please don’t spam! 🙂

CoolThings – a collection of cool things

CoolThings – a collection of cool things

CoolThings is a collection of cool things.

Every day you can find different things that will interest you from gadgets, toys, gift ideas (there is even a section of cool gifts split into categories for men or for women), inventions, furniture and many, many other interesting stuff.

Even they are different, they all have one thing in common .. they are cool 🙂

If you want a device that allows you to make a phone call without having everyone in the immediate vicinity hear what you’re talking, or you want a multi-functional desk that transforms into a storage rack when not in use, or you want to make a salad in 60 seconds, or a versatile travel pillow for your next holiday make sure you check this week’s winner for Cool Website Wednesday: CoolThings.

This website updates every day, so make sure to drop by once in a while for your fix of really cool stuff!

How can you read faster?

How can you read faster?

Read 3x Faster and be more productive in life. Spreeder is the web’s leading destination for speed reading. Spreeder help you read faster, comprehend more, so you can save time and be more productive in life.

The winner of this week “Cool website Wednesday” is

If you are like me and you want to learn, to read more books and more articles, you need to read faster and to remember more from what you read.

Spreeder claims that he can help you to take control of the information overload, save time and be more productive in life. How?

Save time: power through your reading so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Be productive: get more done so you can be more successful in your job, your study and in your life.

Be enlightened: learn fast, be up-to-date. Be educated and interesting with much less effort.

To do this, press on the “Free App” menu item. Then paste the text/article that you want to read in the text area. And press “Spreed!” button. Once you do that you are redirected in a new screen. spreeder_window

Here you can use the settings to change the “words per minute, the windows size where the words are displayed, the font size and colour, and you can group multiple words to be displayed in the same time).

Once you press the “play button” the words will start to appear on your screen. You can use “+” or “-“ from your keyboard to increase/decrease by 25 the words per minute speed.

The fastest I could read was 525 wpm with “two words” grouping.

Try it out! And in the comments below let me know how fast can you read. Drop us a link to a cool website that you find in your everyday Internet searching so we can feature here next week!