June 8, 2021

10 Essential Homepage Elements That Every Website Should Have

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10 Essential Homepage Elements That Every Website Should Have

Why Homepage elements matterYour website homepage is the front door to your virtual presence as a business. Because the homepage is the first thing users see it should serve as the start of the buyer’s journey. Before they make you their mind to become a customer, they will review your homepage. So, it is important that websites homepage elements optimised, making sure it converts your audience.

Why your homepage elements matter?

It should be designed to serve a range of different audiences, rather than just another landing page. To do this effectively, you should include elements that attract, educate, and ultimately convert your audience. To improve the performance of your homepage, check out these elements every homepage must-have.

10 Essential Homepage Elements:

1. Eye-Catching Headline

As soon as your website loads, it needs to inform your visitor what your business has to offer. This is where the headline element comes into play, immediately catching the attention of your user. It may just be a few short words, but it must be eye-catching.

With different types of people searching for your website, it may be hard to find something that might speak to everyone. Instead, keep your headline itself clear and simple, and target a third of those people that are the most interested in your business.

2. Sub-headings

Your sub-headlines should continue your users’ journey on your homepage, such as brief descriptions of what you offer and what you do. By investigating your audiences’ issue or problems, you can show how your product and service meets their needs.

As well as pointing your users in the right direction, it also helps search engines understand your page. Make sure you are optimising your headlines for mobile, giving the best experience to all visitors. 

3. Simple and Clean Navigation

All websites will require different navigation styles. The design and content on your website could mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion. It is best to give your users a clear path to the relevant pages, while also keeping it simple. Your navigation menu should be is visible at the top of your page and structured in order.Navigation homepage element

4. Incorporate Primary Calls-to-Action

The main goal of your homepage is to begin the journey of the customer to go further into your website and move them down your funnel. Including a call to actions will help direct users through the different stages of your buyer’s cycle. These CTAs should be easy to find and be visually appealing to capture attention. 

Ideally, your CTA contrasts with your colour scheme, with the design fitting in with the rest of your page. Keep it simple with action-focused phrases to compel users to click on your call to action.

5. Make it Visual

It is no secret that more people are visual creatures, and according to Forbes, 65% of people need to see what they are learning. Make sure to use images or videos that clearly indicates what you offer.

Images, videos or even patterns are a great way to make your page stand out and appeal to many users. Making it visual captures emotion and drives action, while showing users what you are writing about.

To find out more, see our blog about why images are important.Social proof Upward Consulting

6. Social Proof your Homepage

Using Social proof becomes the new norm on websites, which makes sense as it’s the idea of normative social influence.

\What exactly is social proof? It’s when you see things like testimonials from an industry expert or users expressing that your business/brand worked for them. 

On your website, it’s easy to say you are the best in Brisbane, but without the proof (Testimonials, Case Studies, Reviews), your visitors might not believe you. That’s why social proof adds credibility to your website. You can simply social proof your website by adding some of your best testimonials and case studies. Adding names and photos to these will also increase your credibility.

7. Add a Second Calls-to-Action

As well as your primary Call to action, you should include a secondary call to actions to offer more opportunities for users to be drawn in. A secondary call to action offers a different path for users that are not committed to what you are asking for.

8. List your key features and benefits 

Listing your features and benefits give people a better understanding of what you provide by your product or services. It is not only critical to describe what you do but to also mention why it matters. Audiences want to know what the benefits and features are, and from that, it will influence their buying decision. Make sure it is simple and easy to read, ensuring you get your message across.

9. Point them to Resources or Downloads

More often, visitors will not be ready to buy what you are selling, but you can offer them more information and resources. Offering a link to more information or a download will ensure they stick around for longer, establishing more credibility.

A great way to generate leads is through guides, ebooks or specifications. It will not only offer users helpful information but it may be the information they are looking for before they buy.

10. Display Success Indicators

In addition to social proof, awards or industry groups that you are in can inspire a good impression. Allow your homepage visitors to know your accomplishments or industry certifications you may have. Just like testimonials and case studies, it will only add more credibility to your business and help drive buyer decision.


In conclusion, your homepage can create or break conversions. The homepage is the first introduction each visitor will have to your business before they make their mind to becoming a customer. Make a stunning homepage to ensure you make the best impression you can! To achieve this, incorporate the outlined homepage elements above. 

Are you looking for a lead generating website that will stand out against your competitors? Speak to us and see how we can help you achieve your goals! Send us an email or give us a call to get started.Dorin Blaga Upward Consulting