August 13, 2019

10minutemail – cool website to avoid spam

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What is 10minutemail?

When was the last time when you wanted to check a service or download a free ebook from a website and you were not sure if it’s worth signing up and giving your email address to be spammed for the rest of your life?

We found a solution to some of the spam that hits your inbox: 10minutemail.com

10minutesmail websiteThis website does exactly what the name says: 10 Minute Mail gives you a temporary email address that received mail that expires after 10 minutes (you can extend the expiring time by pressing a button and you’re getting another 10 minutes).

Unlike many other proxy email services, doesn’t get blocked, because they’re constantly changing their domain names

You can read all the emails that are sent to this address directly on the page without needing to login to any inbox.

You can also reply to the sender by clicking a button. In the past, you could even forward this email to your good current address, but this functionality is temporarily closed because of the abuse.

How do you use 10MinuteMail?

  • When you need an e-mail address to fill out an online form or registration, just open another window or tab and go to 10MinuteMail.com.
  • The e-mail address you see on the page is yours. You are the only person who can see that address.
  • You can copy it from the window, or just click on the icon that looks like two sheets of paper which will automatically copy the e-mail address to your clipboard. DO NOT CLOSE the 10MinuteMail.com window.
  • Then paste the e-mail address into the website you needed it for, complete the registration/form/whatever.
  • If the site sends you an e-mail, it should show up on the 10MinuteMail.com page, down on the page, under the Messages section. It may take a couple of minutes to arrive.
  • Once you see it there, just click on it, and you can read the e-mail. Then you can click on any links, or get any information you need.
  • When you are done, just close the 10MinuteMail.com window, or wait for the 10 minutes to expire. That’s it.

10MinuteMail FAQs

Do I need to sign up or provide any information to you?

Nope! Just hit the site and you have a private secure address ready and waiting for you. You don’t need to do ANYTHING else!

What happens to my e-mail after the 10 minutes is up?

After your e-mail address expires, all of your e-mail is deleted, and the address itself stops working a minute later.

What if I need more time?

If the e-mail you are waiting for still hasn’t arrived, you can click on the link that says Give me 10 More Minutes, which will reset the countdown timer.

What shouldn’t I use 10MinuteMail for?

If you trust the site, then it’s probably easiest to use your real e-mail address. Many people have lost accounts when they forgot the password and had left their account e-mail as a long-expired 10MinuteMail address.

Can you recover an e-mail I lost, or got sent after the 10 minutes were up?

I’m sorry but I can’t. The e-mails are never saved and I never have access to them.

Enjoy our pick for this week Cool Website Wednesday and please don’t spam! 🙂

Dorin Blaga Upward Consulting