April 2, 2023

5 Landing Page Must Haves

Upward Consulting has the most effective techniques to create your high-converting landing page. We can ensure you receive the contact details from any customer who lands on your website.
From layout and design to the page’s functionality, there are a variety of lead tools available. Our strategy ensures customers follow certain processes that collects their contact details. Users engage with either the ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) or with the many products on the sales page.


Top of the Funnel

  • This is what we call the ‘Squeeze Page’ and it is what we greet customers with upon visiting the site. This usually includes a pop-up that collects emails and other details from visitors.
  • This guarantees contact with potential customers incase they leaving the site. This mans even if the only page they view is your squeeze page, you still have some contact details.

Middle of the Funnel

  • This section of the Funnel is called the ‘Lead Capture Page’
  • The Lead Capture Page follows the same principles as the Squeeze page however more contact details are collected such as their name, phone number, location etc.
  • Having details more personal details like names and phone number allows for the right process to begin in contacting the customer in a faster manner using a text or phone call
Landing Page - Funneling

Bottom of the Funnel

Landing Page - Bottom of Funnel
  • Finally the potential customer is led to the ‘Sales Page’
  • The Sales Page provides access to real products that the customer may want to buy

Above The Content

Our plans include catchy and easy-to-read main and supporting headlines. These headlines flow in unison with a ‘hero shot’. This shot will help visitors decide whether to leave the site or to keep scrolling. The main and supporting headlines use various formulas that ensure clarity and consistency. We do this to ensure the visitors understand everything that they will be reading.
The hero shot should be something that supports the main headline. Conferences with us can be held to discuss which of the potential hero shots or headlines you would like to choose. Following the Hero shot a benefits summary will be implemented. This includes describing in your brand’s impact on customers.

Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA will be the best opportunity for you to gain some more valuable insight. This helps you know the details of a potential customer’s wants and needs from your goods or services. Upward Consulting will provide you with the highest quality CTA. This ensures you receive the information about your potential customers’ preferences.
A high-quality call to action may include a quoting form for specific jobs. Other examples include product descriptions and a platform customer support.
Landing Page - CTA

Benefit Driven Features

Benefit-driven features are usually more in-depth but still concise descriptions. These include descriptions of your products or services. Descriptions are usually supported by related images of the products or services. This builds a customer’s confidence being able to see your goods or services in action.


Providing testimonials from past customers is a powerful tool worth using. You can place them beneath the benefit-driven features sections to increase your trust factor. Putting a face to the name will also build the trust factor. Testimonials are opportunities to include designs features that can positively customers. These include graphics about the positive impact your goods and services has created.

Landing Page - Testimonials


Landing pages are great opportunities to create worth while content for lead generation. All this done through the many methods of funneling, headlining, CTA and benefit driven features and testimonials. Upward consulting can help provide the skills to back your brand and create a strong online presence.

Contact Upward Consulting today and see how our services can take your business to the next level.