September 22, 2020

CORE – Create Once Repurpose Everywhere

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CORE – Create Once Repurpose Everywhere

With so many ways to engage with your audience, having many social media accounts is the new norm these days. Staying on top of these accounts can be challenging, as it is important to be active on certain platforms.

social media COREFinding a different piece of content to post on each platform is key, as not all platforms are the same and need different formats.

Creating content and being active on social media promotes your brand. Furthermore, that helps in building a strong brand and create a strong relationship with your audience.

But it can be very difficult and time-consuming to create different content on these platforms.⁠

A good method that can help you manage all your user interactions in the Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere (CORE) method. This method helps you save time and effort in managing your brand awareness on all your social channels.

In this article, we will be discussing how this method can help you and how it is used in today’s ever-changing social world.

What is the Create Once Repurpose Everywhere (CORE) method?

The CORE method was initially called the COPE method, Create Once, Publish Everywhere. The COPE method meaning changed and transitioned to the Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere method.

The idea around the method, as the name states, is to create one content and to repurpose that content and use it on several different platforms.

The method name changed as the digital media world was dramatically changing and to the ways content is portrayed.

How to use CORE?

Different platforms need different methods of content.

Before using CORE, you need to better understand how to repurpose your content. The table below shows what type of content you need and how frequently you should be posting to a platform.

Create Once Repurpose Everywhere - Core method
Different platforms need different methods of content.

For example, a blog post can be very long so you would not post large content to Facebook as it would discourage users to engage. A good idea would be posting a small snippet or an interesting part of your blog post with a link to the blog post, to entice the user to want to further engage to see what the blog article is about.

Once you understand the format you need to use, you can start repurposing your content in ways where it will develop user engagement.

An active social media presence means that your brand can be seen by more people, that is why it is important to understand how content is digested and how frequent you should post it.

Frequency is important because you do not want to discourage users because you are posting too often, but also you want to be posting enough. The table provided shows the recommended times you should be posting; it is important that you stay consistent because this is how you furthermore grow your brand.


In conclusion, the CORE method is used to stay on top of your media presence while also making it easier an effective way to create content for those platforms.

For this method to be effective, you need to first understand it, what format content to post, and how frequently to post. It will save you time and help you expand your brand awareness.

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