July 10, 2019

Improve Your Blog Articles With The Hemingway App

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Improve your blog articles with the Hemingway App

To rank your business online you need to write great content for your target audience. So it’s imperative that your blog articles go through a comprehensive review process.

Even the most seasoned writers need a second or third set of eyes to scan their work – even then, mistakes can still slip through the cracks.

A free tool like Hemingway is great for anyone who wants peace of mind before hitting publish.

What is Hemingway?

The Hemingway app is an online tool that focuses on improving the overall style of your writing.

Hemingway app it’s not as in-depth grammar checker like Grammarly, but, using a visual approach, is great to check the quality of the writing.

Simply paste your content into the app and you’ll get an analysis that highlights overly dense passages, unnecessary verbs and more.

What are the suggestions made by the Hemingway tool?

The tool has some colors marks with blue, for example, weak and hesitant language and it suggests to remove those words.Hemingway-App-editor-300x164


  • Yellow Sentences: These sentences Hemingway identifies as lengthy or structurally Hemingway suggests to split or simplify yellow highlighted sentences.
  • Red Sentences: Hemingway feels these sentences meander and may confuse readers. Rework these sentences until the red highlight vanishes.
  • Purple Words: The chosen color here is an in-joke for writers. Purple words have a more suitable, simpler alternative. Hover over them to see Hemingway’s suggestion.
  • Blue Words: Blue words are adverbs or weak and hesitant language. Hemingway feels these should be omitted.
  • Green Phrases. These indicate the use of passive voice. While this may be appropriate in some contexts, the active voice is typically preferred.

How to use Hemingway editor?

There are two ways to use Hemingway editor: online (free) or as a desktop version (that has an one-time payment of $19.99)

When using the online editor, you can choose between one of two modes: Write and Edit.

“Write” is to use for distraction-free writing.

Once you finish writing, you can click the “Edit” button and you will get all the suggestions and analysis.

This consists of the following three sections:

  1. Formatting options at the top of the screen.
  2. Coloured highlights of your text in the centre of the screen, indicating the type of improvements Hemingway thinks you should make.
  3. A summary of Hemingway’s findings on the right hand of the screen.

Have you used Hemingway App before? Do you prefer it to the other options out there? Let us know in the comments if you know other tools that help you write great blog articles.

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