May 16, 2018

How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Search

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5 ways to optimize your website for mobile search

The rapid development of smartphone over the last 10 years changed the how people are searching for products and services.

According to the stats found by StatCounter since 2016, mobile and tablet internet uses exceeds desktop usage worldwide.

internet-usage-worldwideIn fact. Mobile accounts for 71% of total online time in the U.S.

mobile-share-of-digital-minutesConvenience is the first reason of finding things online using a smartphone or tablet. But not all users are action-oriented searchers. Some of them are using their phones just to browse Facebook or Instagram or to play some online games. Stats are showing that 9 out of 10 searches are a smartphone search. And out of those searches, 95% of users are looking for local information.V‭isitors-are-ready-to-buy

Ok, so why is important that your website should appear in their searches? Because a great number of users are ready to buy, as the mobile users take different actions after accessing the online content, so the business owners should focus to create conditions to satisfy a mobile user needs in order to get the sale.

action-taken-by-mobile-usersIf you don’t have your website optimised for mobile devices yet, you’ll need to rectify this mistake right now! Here are some ways to maximize the look of your website to mobile users and to increase your traffic.

1. Make sure that your website is 100% responsive

What is a mobile-friendly website? It’s a site that has a design that reacts to the size of the device used, that automatically displays the correct layout and adjusts his content to fit the screen.

mobile-friendlyResponsiveness is a major factor when it comes to be ranked optimize website for mobile search. So if you’re interested that the potential clients will find your business name or your products or services online, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Click this link to see if your website is mobile-friendly or not: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly


2. Increase website rendering with AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages)

Another ranking factor is the page load time of your website. AMP is a Google-backed initiative that makes the pages to load more quickly. The AMP framework is open source, available to everyone and free. So if you want instant loading, increased conversions you might want to use AMP when you’re building your website.

3. Aim for functionality

You want to help visitors to get things done when they are accessing your website. Add search boxes on the homepage, links to your nearest store locations, product searches, reviews etc that allow them to get the things done fast.

4. Site navigation

There is nothing more frustrating than poor navigation for your website. Users that are coming to your website and don’t have a nice user experience are likely to click somewhere else.

Think about mobile users when you’re building the content to your website. Is the information visible without too much scrolling? Also make sure that the links (buttons, or other Call to Actions) are placed at a distance from each other as the users are going to use their fingertips to click them.

Design your website for touch: add drop-downs instead of unnecessary typing, as typing on a mobile device is time-consuming and inconvenient.

5. Social marketing

Use Social media channels to attract visitors to your website. Promote your website on social media profiles to increase your number of potential customers. Have like and share buttons on the content of your website or blog articles.

It’s worthwhile to invest the time in optimizing your website to improve engagement and increase profits. Don’t waste your time and start optimizing your website to make it more mobile-friendly. Contact us if you need help improving your website so you can attract mobile customers and increase your profits considerably.


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