Case overview

We are excited to share our project that we have been working on together with Dr Mark Nadir Runkovski, the driving force behind ecoxplore. Mark is a senior environmental scientist who believes strongly in the power of open data, interactive media, and supporting people to make better choices for the natural world.

“Every individual can make a difference” is their mission statement.

The Brief

The ecoxplore project is committed to promoting quality environmental education about the world’s ecoregions, sustainable living, and a better future for our planet. They identified the need for people to feel empowered about doing something to support our natural world. 

“No-one should underestimate the power of their everyday actions, no matter how large or small, in either caring for, or corroding, the natural world. It is our duty as ecologists in the 21st century to help people understand the possibilities and ease of choosing the former”.

This mission statement has led to the shaping and ethos of ecoxplore, driving them to create an inclusive community that embraces sustainable practices and empowers individuals to become environmental stewards. 

Project Overview

PPROJECT BRIEF: We worked with ecoxplore to design and develop their website. 

Website design

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript




Website design, Web development, WordPress Development, Web Application Testing, Website Maintenance, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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