March 1, 2018

6 Reasons why an online presence is crucial for your small business.

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Why should you focus on creating an online presence?

Running your own business is no easy task and your to-do list is guaranteed to never end however this should not be an excuse to take shortcuts when it comes to having an online visibility. This is especially important if you want to increase your brand awareness, grow your leads, boost your sales, engage with your clients and make them raving fans.

The reality is that you can’t get away without having an online presence.

First impressions count and in order to appear professional to your clients it is important to have a well designed, functional website.

A few years ago, based on a survey done by the Australian Bureau of Statistics it was revealed that out of 6640 businesses in Australia 47.1% of them still have no website.

Here are 6 reasons why an online presence is crucial for your small business.

1. Low marketing and advertising costs

It is worth the effort to invest money in your online presence both on the website and Social media as it is much less than spending on printing out flyers, brochures, billboards or other marketing collateral.

Companies spend millions creating brochures and distributing them. Even though you meet potential customers through networking and personal connections, they will want to check your website to see if you are a legitimate business. You don’t need to convince them that you are the real deal. Having a well-structured functional website can give instant credibility to anyone.

Moreover, having a website also gives you a pretty good idea of how many visitors you have each month in comparison with how many people have seen your flyer or brochure.

Finally, a website allows you to change campaigns quite rapidly by uploading images effortlessly without having to throw away the printing marketing material that is no longer relevant to your business.

2. Always open for business

Your business is open 24/7 all year round for anyone that wants to connect, get inquiries or sales requests without you having to do a lot of marketing effort. It doesn’t require your supervision or the need to lock it up. You can always be there for your customers.

A website with an online ordering form, a shopping cart, or an inquiry form will prompt clients to purchase your goods or use your services from the comfort of their home or office, or even while they are waiting for their bus.

3. Enhanced branding

Having a professional website allows you to boost your branding. This is true for websites that have a good user interface and invest the time thinking of their clients and the experience they are having when they visit those particular websites.

4. Improved customer care and communication

Owning a website allows your clients to easily reach you, or found more information about your products and services. You can also send newsletters or other notifications to your subscribers instantly.

Plus you can answer their questions with the help of anFAQ page. This is impossible with poster letters.

Having a blog or just a Social Media feed on your website can update your customers on your new offers, products, promotions, events or any other content.

5. Quick market research

A website allows you to do a quick market research, pools, surveys, etc. to see how your products or services are doing on the market.

6. Show your contact information

With a website, your contact details are always a click away, making easier for any potential clients to reach you.

Finally having a business emails address email@mybusiness.com.au is more professional and easier to remember than johnsmith123@gmail.com

If you want us to review your existing website or you need to have a brand new professional website built let’s schedule a meeting.

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