July 24, 2019

How To Save Articles To Read Later – Pocket review

How To Save Articles To Read Later – Pocket review

Ever run across a great article you didn’t have time to read at that moment but wanted to remember to come back to later?

If you want to view later, put it in Pocket.

What is Pocket?

Pocket will allow you to store all the web articles that you didn’t have time to read (or the ones that you find interesting and want to review them later).

Pocket is a free app, that allows you to clip all the web pages and blog posts articles that you want to have a look on later and store them for offline browsing when you have the time.

How to use Pocket?  

If you are in front of your computer or laptop, you can install a Chrome extension and every time you find something interesting while browsing the Internet, just click on the Pocket icon


Pocket-add-tabsOnce you save the page, you can assign any tags (to help you search it later).


Pocket App

Pocket has an IOs or Android app, so whatever articles you stored in your List, they will come up on your phone, so you can read it offline at your leisure.

Also, if the article has embedded rich content, like podcast or video, you can access that content from your phone as well.

You can use the Pocket app on your smartphone not just to read it, but to organise articles.

One great feature is “listen to article feature”, so you can use the app when you are in the gym training, or while running or commuting as it has a narrate feature, so you can listen to your article while doing other things.

Pocket Features


Use Pocket to capture and curate your own content that comes at you all day long. Save the latest news, sports, blog articles and videos from any device, and any publisher or app.


Save the latest news, magazine articles, stories, videos, recipes – anything you discover online or subscribe to, from any publisher like New York Times, The Guardian, BBC News, Google News, Buzzfeed, Twitter, Youtube, etc.


Love long reads? Pocket’s typography and layout keep reading comfortable for longer stretches.

Love to read at night? Try our new dark and sepia themes to reduce visual stimulation before you sleep.


Probably this is my favourite feature of Pocket: the listen feature.

Pocket turns any news story, article, or blog post into a hands-free, eyes-free learning experience. Now you can enjoy the content that you saved while you are in the gym, while you cook, walk or drive.


If it’s in your Pocket, it’s on your phone, laptop, tablet and computer – even when you’re offline.

Estimated reading times

Pocket also has an estimated reading times help you turn any time into quality time.


You can also upgrade anytime to Pocket Premium for features like advanced search, unlimited highlights and automatic article backups.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Or let us know in the comments what other productivity tools you use.

Dorin Blaga Upward Consulting