February 9, 2021

What is SEMRush Content Analyzer and how it can boost your pages

What is SEMRush Content Analyzer

SEMRush Content Analyzer is a tool that is part of the SEMRush suite of tools. As the name suggests this tool is used to analyse your content and highlight what pages need attention. SEMRush content analyzer scans every page of your site from your sitemap. This tool shows you the different types of information associated with the page, such as:

  • Metadata (H1, title, description, author, words)
  • Social engagement (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Backlink data
  • Number of impressions, sessions, session duration, bounce rate etc (If you connect Google Analytics)

This tool allows you to monitor changes in metrics and use the trends feature. It is one of the most useful tools to use to easily reveal pages that need changes. Now it can be a breeze to pinpoint what pages need improvement and take measures to fix pages.

Another aspect of the Content analyzer tool is the “post tracking” feature. After you audit your content, you can use it to follow off-site content or just keep track of your content changes.

Why you should use Content Analyzer

Finding what content needs improvement isn’t easy, but this tool allows shows you where to start. You should use SEMRush Content Analyzer if you are wanting to audit your pages and to utilise post tracking. This tool also allows you to track off-site competitor posts or pages. It also allows for individual content sets, meaning you can set your own filters for specific page criteria that you deem to be “reviewed”. Overall, content analyzer allows you to audit your page content and improve your website SEO.

Content Analyzer Functions

SEMRush Content Analyzer versatility allows you to view your data in many ways. From being able to set tasks to filter the results you want, it has many features to offer:

SEMrush Content Analyzer auditConfigure Content Audit

The tool runs on a subfolder level based on your sitemap.xml file, this lets you decide what pages you wish to audit. The audit also allows you to upload a list of URLs for analysis, this file can be a .txt, .csv, or .xml that is less than 100MB. As SEMRush is a subscription-based platform, it has the following page audit limits for each subscription level:

  • PRO: 50 Pages
  • GURU: 20,000 pages
  • BUSINESS: 20, 000 pages

The audit dialogue will show you how many pages each folder contains and your page limit. Once your audit finishes, there will be two main tabs to show your data: Table and Content Sets.

Content Sets:

The Content Sets tab will show you 4 data categories under:

  • Rewrite or remove: These are pages that were published more than 2 years ago that are viewed less than 15 times in the last 30 days.
  • Need to update: Pages that are more than 6 months old that are viewed less than 15 times in the last 30 days.
  • Quick Review: These pages are less than 6 months old and are viewed more than 150 times in the past 30 days.
  • Poor content: This section is for pages that are less than 200 words long.

Of course, these are only the default data sets, you can create your own content set to show pages that are specific to your criteria.SEMrush Content Analyzer custom content set

Keyword density

As part of their analyzing window, you are able to see your keyword density in your pages.

Compare URL’s/ Domains

This feature allows you to compare individual pages to competitor pages as well as domains. This is a great way to get quick information about what pages are outperforming others.

Table View

The table view can show you a different breakdown of your website’s data. Here you will see basic information such as the number of pages audited, total shares, backlinks, page views, average time on page, bounce rate, and search quires related to the pages. This area will also show you the individual pages and their metrics. Just like content sets, you are able to set custom filters for your specific needs.

Track progress and set tasks

You can use their analyzer to set tasks and track the progress of the pages you wish to improve. This tool can also be used in conjunction with Trello, to plan and organise your page changes.

Export your content results

SEMRush allows you to export your content audit results, making it easier to share your data. In your XLSX file, you will find the list of all your pages to audit and related metrics.




In conclusion, SEMRush is offering an amazing tool to help improve your individual page content. This tool can be adapted to your specific criteria or you can use the default presents. SEMRush continues to be an industry-leading platform for anyone looking to get ahead of their competition.




Dorin Blaga Upward Consulting