November 30, 2022

5 Social Media Trends Every Business Should Know in 2023

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What are social media trends

With over 4.62 billion active social media users, content and trends are a must for finding success. Trends give users valuable and relevant content. This is a valuable tool to access a user group that would otherwise be unavailable.
Here are some examples of trends that are currently finding lots of of success. These trends are, short-form videos, user generated content, social audio, augmented reality and social commerce. Here is more information on what exactly these trends bring to the table in 2023.

1. Short-form Videos

Short-form videos like TikToks, Reels and YouTube Shorts have been very successful in 2022. Videos 2 minutes or shorter had a greater rate of engagement compared to longer ones. This is seen with shorter videos having over 100% more engagement than if the video were 20 minutes long. Furthermore, short-form videos have “the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy at 30%” (Woosuite, 2022)

Source: Vidyard

TikTok has been growing rapidly, garnering over 1 billion downloads over 5 years. TikTok leads in the short-form videos industry alongside Reels & Shorts.

Source: SensorTower

2. User Generated Content

User generated content is growing now more than ever. This is due to social media such as TikTok focusing on trends. This means, if utilised , a business could hope to create or use a trend to boost traffic or brand presence. An popular form of garnering useful UGC are hashtags. Hashtags are like SEO keywords as they both make indexing posts much easier.

3. Social Audio Strategies

Social audio has seen lots of success recently with apps like Spotify Live, Clubhouse, Discord and Zoom. These apps provide users with the ability to have live conversations and discuss topics both casual and professional in nature. Creating an outlet for dialogue can become an easy source of discussion about your brand to garner feedback.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a growing industry with companies such as Google Maps coming on board. Google utilises augmented reality with their AR Nav feature. Google shows the purpose of AR in trying to solving everyday problems. This is achieved through overlaying what is being seen with a solution/information.
AR is also used in entertainment for younger audiences, utilising fun 3D models. 3D models for entertainment are not limited to children. They are also used to advertise by sharing AR QR-codes in stores or online.
AR is also used in snapchat filters for the sake of branding. Sports Bet utilises the snapchat filter to provide branded virtual apparel.

5. Social Commerce

Social commerce expands on e-commerce allowing businesses to make sales through social media. An example of this is Instagram and TikTok. Both platforms either have a shopping tab or vendor pages. This opportunity to sell on social media provides businesses a large digital audience. So, if you are a small business, we recommend using social media to seamlessly synthesise your advertising and sales

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Make Use of Social Media Trends Today

Social media is a must have for any business, as is  following these 5 trending vehicles for success in 2022. There being 4.62 billion users makes social media more powerful than ever. So knowing how to market to all them has now become all the more important. Though we can say that marketing has become much simpler by ways of these useful trends. 
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