July 6, 2021

4 ways you can create a successful online presence

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What is your online presence?

In simple terms, online presence refers to the activity that your business or brand has on the internet.

There is a big difference between existing online and having an online presence. Not long ago, having a website was the only requirement for an online presence but now there are several factors to consider:

  • Business or brand activity: This refers to the online actions you take to create and distribute content. 
  • Online Visibility: These are things such as your search engine and social media ranking and position.
  • Your audience: The perception of your brand, reviews, what people say, and how your audience engages with you. 

By creating an online existence, many businesses think that a website is just enough. Your online presence is linked to your credibility, visibility, and your reputation.


Here are 4 ways to create a successful online presence:

 #1 Use a website

The first step I would recommend to established and new businesses is to get a website. Many businesses without a website will wonder why they need one, and the answer is that customers expect it. The way businesses are found has shifted and relied on a business’s online presence, and you may be missing out on potential customers.

As well as having a website, a modern website is also an essential requirement. The expectations for your website are high, to a point where a less than modern look can deter potential customers. Hiring an expert to build your website will not only save you time but clients in the long run.


#2 Use social media

Social media is important in building your online presence as it allows you to reach more users and building customer loyalty. It also is a great way for your audience, potential customers, and other users to engage and view your business. 

It is crucial to note that not every social media platform will be relevant to your business or brand, but it is worth it to look into all your options. I would highly recommend using Facebook as it will work for almost any business.  

Social media is all about quality, not quantity. Having fewer accounts with strong engagement will be better than having numerous accounts with little activity.

Using social media requires that you implement a social media strategy, do not leave your efforts up to chance!

Platforms to consider include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

 #3 Utilise SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website visibility in searches.

SEO methods are used to increase your rank in organic search so that you can be found when someone searches your business or keyword. It is crucial to invest in SEO methods, whether it is through an agency or yourself.

Surprisingly, SEO can also be used on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. So just like your website, you should be researching and implementing an SEO strategy.

#4 Use directories and business listings

Business directories and listings can help provide customers leave reviews and find business information. Directories are helpful when first creating your online presence. Many smaller directories will often serve information from the larger sites, so be sure you perfect your listings.

Directories to consider:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing (Bing is the search engine for Yahoo as well)
  • Facebook
  • Apple Maps
  • Yellow Pages
  • Infobell
  • Find local
  • Mumbrella
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yelp


In conclusion, your online existence is only one part of your online presence. Creating your online presence starts with your website, but it does not stop there. It is vital to support your website with a social media presence and with that utilise SEO. Business directories also help with your visibility, and it is a great way to get the ball rolling. If you have not yet started creating your successful online presence, now is the time to start.

Dorin Blaga Upward Consulting