March 3, 2017


Do you have only a few ingredients at home and don’t know what to cook? For Cool Website Wednesday’s series, we picked Supercook.com website.

Supercook is a recipe search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have at home. With 600,000 recipes you can always find something delicious to cook with a handful of ingredients. The more ingredients you add to Supercook, the better the recipes will be.

Supercook is also a practical way to save money. Take full advantage of the ingredients you already have, and naturally buy fewer groceries.

How do I add my ingredients?

Adding your ingredients is done on the left side panel.
You can either type (list) your ingredients one by one, or you can use the category view.
On category view, simply check off the ingredients you have in each category.

You can block entire categories, like nuts or meat, or alternatively, you can block specific individual ingredients (for example pork) by typing them into the textbox, one by one.

What are the “Suggested ingredients” on the bottom of my screen?

“Suggested ingredients” are the most useful ingredients Supercook thinks you should purchase. By analysing your ingredients, exclusions and filters, Supercook figures out which ingredients would provide you with the best value.

The suggested ingredients list automatically updates to reflect any changes you make.

For example, if you choose “Cakes” from the meal type filter, the suggested ingredients will contain ingredients you’re missing that would help you make many more cakes.
If you happen to have one of the suggested ingredients in your home, just click that ingredient and Supercook will automatically add it your list of ingredients. The results will update to reflect this new change.

What are the benefits of signing up for an account?

If you sign up for an account, your ingredients, and dietary restrictions will be saved on Supercooks servers. This means you can sign in your account from any device and everything will be synced up.
Having an account also allows you to “favourite” recipes you like so you can easily find them later.

How do I “favourite” a recipe?

First, sign up for an account, or sign in your existing account.
To favourite a recipe, click the heart icon near any recipe.
To “unfavorite”, simply click the (now red) heart icon again.

Where can I view my favourite recipes?

First, sign up for an account, or log into your existing account.
To view your favourite recipes, click the orange “profile” icon on top. From the list, choose “View favourites”

Start cooking like a chef with few ingredients!

Dorin Blaga Upward Consulting