March 9, 2021

What is a CRM and why CRM matters to your business

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What is a CRM?

Have you heard of the term CRM? It’s common to hear in business and sales, but what exactly is it?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a technology for managing your interactions, communication with customers and potential customers. This information includes details about your customers, such as their name, how they have interacted with your business and any other information you accumulate.

A CRM software brings all your data together, from your social media to your contact forms from your website. It is a tool to consider when thinking of automating tasks such as email marketing.

Why you should use a CRM for business

The main reason you would want a CRM is to maintain a relationship with your customers. A CRM system falls into two main groups of people that would see the most benefit, such as business to business companies and business to consumer companies. Even if you don’t fit into those two groups, a CRM still provide good value to your business.

CRM’s can also offer email marketing, ticketing systems (customer support) and other automation that make your life easier.

I have compiled a list of the best FREE CRM’s that you can get started with today.

The 6 Best FREE CRM’s

Although there are some paid alternatives, some of the best things in life are free! Here is a list of 6 FREE CRM’s that you can start using today!

#1 HubSpot CRM  (hubspot.com)

Hubspot crm

HubSpot Free CRM is one of the most popular on this list. Why? Because it offers the most out of every other free option with great all-rounder features. The Free plan limits up to 1 million contacts (including company records) however offer Unlimited users. HubSpot provides its free versions forever, so you will never have to think twice about losing your data.

#2 Zoho CRM (zoho.com)

If you are already using the Zoho software, it offers seamless integration with its CRM. Zoho’s free CRM version is limited to 3 users150 max emails per day and no social media data. Zoho has a large customer base such as Netflix and Bose, so it seems they are doing something right.

#3 Agile CRM (agilecrm.com)

Agile Crm

Agile is another company that offers incredible features for FREE! One of the main highlights of Agile is the full helpdesk ticketing system. This system can help your business track and manage tickets. The free plan is limited to 10 users with up to 1,000 contacts and company records.

#4 Really Simple Systems (reallysimplesystems.com)

As the name suggests, Really Simple Systems, this platform is made to be simple.

This CRM lets you track the metrics you need and gives you the ability to call smartphone contacts directly from the software. The main limitations of this software are that you are limited to 2 users and 100 company records. Really simple systems offer unlimited contacts that can especially help if you are a freelancer or only require two users to get things done.

#5 Flowlu CRM (flowlu.com)

Flowlu CRM

The Flowlu CRM offer small to medium size businesses keep a close eye on its revenue.

A quick thing to note is that you are limited to 2 users and only 20 contacts. However, they make up these limitations by offering unlimited opportunities. The software is perfect for repeat customers as you can create as many projects and invoices as you need.

#6 Apptivo CRM (apptivo.com)

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo is another CRM that offers its free plan forever. Its limitations are up to 3 users but offer unlimited contacts.

The main highlight is that it can help manage basic business processes. It provides unlimited export and import options, but some of the features are basic. A quick note to add is that the marketing capabilities are not included in the free option.


In conclusion, CRM is the best tool you can have when you want to manage all your customers and clients in one place. It can save you time and be used to bring in more leads to your website. Several free options can get the ball rolling with features to meet your needs.



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