February 2, 2021

What is SEMRush and how it can help with your website needs

What is SEMRush

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SEMRush is an all in one tool suite that is used for improving your website and overall brand visibility. It is an award-winning platform that is trusted by world-leading companies and professionals. SEMRush has over 40 tools that you can use and provides you with valuable data to grow your online visibility.

Its tools help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), Keyword research, PR (Public Relations), content marketing, competitive research, marketing insights and campaign management.

SEMRush Features that make it an incredible SEO tool:

Site Audit

The SEMRush Site Audit tool is one of its most tools that you should use. This tool is used to perform a technical SEO audit and find any on-site issues so that you can fix them and improve your Google ranking.

The site audit shows three categories: Errors (Critical Errors that you should fix as soon as possible), Warnings (Something important but not urgent) and Notices (These are errors that you should look at but are not too important). These categories give you an understanding of how important an issue is and which you should prioritise. Overall, the site audit is the tool that is used incredibly useful and it could be the difference between ranking on top of search results.

Identify your Organic Competitors

SEMRush also offers tools to identify your organic competitors. As well as identifying, you can also track and see what keywords your competitors are targeting. You can also identify your competitors based on backlinks. If your website is new, you can also set up your competitor map based on target keywords and location. This tool is also very important, it can also be useful to see the visibility percentage.

Keyword Research

The keyword research tool offers a massive database of more than 18.9 billion keywords. This tool allows you to filter and organise words by their word count, volume, CPC, difficulty and competitive density. You can have all your keywords in one place, and export them for your research.

On-page SEO Checker

The on-Page SEO Checker is a tool that lets you see your page weak points and suggested content ideas. It uses your top 10 real-time organic competitors for each of your target keywords and creates suggestion ideas for how to improve your page’s rankings. It can suggest ideas such as Backlink ideas, strategy ideas, technical SEO ideas, content ideas, UX ideas, semantic ideas and SERP feature ideas. This is an amazing tool in improving or implementing on-page factors.

PPC Analysis

The PPC tool can be used with Google Ads to collect insightful tips to get more out of your marketing. The reports help you evaluate competitor PPC spend and strategy on your current state, seasonality, keywords, and subdomains.

What are the advantages of SEMRush?

To start off, SEMRush is a great way of getting more out of your website or campaign.

What’s the main advantage of SEMRush? It is extremely easy to use and gives you in-depth data and tips. SEMRush can benefit PPC Specialists, SEO marketers, Social Media Managers and your normal business owner. It was created to help provide the best all-in-one solution for your online presence. With so many tools at your disposal its already clear to see how SEMRush can help you with your online presence.


In conclusion, SEMRush is an amazing tool you can use to stay on top of your overall website’s health. With over 40 tools at your disposal, it can help you from your SEO all the way to publish the content on your social media platforms. It offers insights into what you are doing right and what you need to change.

I would highly recommend any website owner to at least try SEMRush using their 7 days trial period

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