March 23, 2021

11 Reasons why a website is important for any business

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Why a website is important for any business

If your business has stayed in business this far, you may be wondering why you would need a website now. Customer behaviours change overtimes, and it has never been a better time to build your presence online.

The focus of the consumer has shifted to relying on a business’s online presence, meaning that you are missing potential customers.


Businesses have also shifted to social media, and to that, I ask, how many people search for an electrician on Facebook or Instagram? According to First Site Guide 76% of all global searches take place on Google, and not having a website means you might be handing your potential customers to a competitor. Still not convinced?


Here are 11 reasons why you need a website:

customers expect to have a website#1 Customers expect it

Customer behaviour has changed, and your customers expect you to also adapt to these modern changes. Telstra’s business intelligence 2020 report suggests that 58% of consumers would prefer to engage with businesses through digital channels compared to over the phone or in person.

#2 Reach a wider audience

A website is a platform that can help you reach more users or customers that are looking for a service or product. A website audience use search engines to look for a specific keyword, unlike social media platforms.

#3 Can keep your business running

With the recent pandemic, COVID-19 has caused this major shift to a digital presence quicker than anyone could have predicted. At the core of this shift, small businesses have felt its effects like no other. If you did not have a website before, this is most likely the best time to create a website. We have seen businesses stay afloat during this time through customer support and their online presence.

#4 Saves you time

Running a business requires you to take time to respond to enquiries, send emails, and take calls. A website can help your audience by displaying information that will answer common questions and inquires.

#5 Intertwines with website search engines

Google has spent years perfecting its method of providing users with the most relevant results. They have also developed many tools and features within their engine such as Google maps and Google Search Console.

These tools are meant to help your customers find your website when they search for your business. For example, if someone searched for Queen street mall, they would be presented with a map of Queen street mall. You can show up on maps when someone searches for your service or product. There are many other aspects of how your website intertwines with search engines.

#6 Cost-effective marketing

Traditional marketing costs are expensive and often difficult to measure results. Marketing with a website can be made FREE (not including the hosting and development costs). Simply having a website running is free marketing, and you can think of SEO (search engine optimisation) which is also free to compete for keywords. There are several other tools such as email marketing. DMA (Data & Marketing Association) suggests that the ROI from email marketing stands at just over $42 for every dollar spent!

#7 Fading social media reach

Having a social media presence important to engage with your customers, but the reach of these platforms is diminishing. It’s no secret that most social platforms operate on a pay-to-play model for brands.

#8 Increases brand credibility

A website gives your business instant credibility in the eyes of your audience. Some people will often dismiss you entirely if you don’t have a website, then you may be missing opportunities on Google search.

#9 Create your Narrative ( Do it your way, get customers to contact you, display it your way, testimonials or reviews, services)

Storytelling is the most basic human interaction and one of the most powerful way to build a relationship. Don’t be boring! Create a powerful narrative that provides a framework for users to connect to your brand and to your services and buy products.

#10 Your website stays open 24/7

open 24 hoursWhere most businesses operate between 9 – 5, your website stays on 24/7 all year round. Customers will be able to view your website anytime and research, inquire, and make purchase decisions all from their home.

#11 Your competitors most likely have a website

If you do not have a website, the best chances are that your competitor has the advantage. Having a website also gives you a way to stand out from your competitors. It also lets you view what they are doing and improve your website and strategy.


The importance of a website for your business extends to every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. As the backbone of your online presence, every type of communication, piece of content, or advertisement that you put online will drive the consumer back to your website. Contact us if you want to stand out online!



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