October 19, 2020

Why images are important on your website

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3 Reasons why images are important on your website

Why images are important on your website

Images are an essential part of your website, a large percentage of people describing themselves as visual learners.

The images on your website should be linked to your page or topic, giving a visual representation of your topic. Google’s focus has always been delivering a user with quality content they are searching for, which user experience being a major factor search result ranking. User experience not only includes your website speed but your images also.

Images are a big part of readability, giving users a break in between paragraphs or capture a user’s attention. Pictures can promote higher user engagement, better search visibility, and create leads. All these aspects improving overall site visibility in google search.

higher user engagement1. Higher user engagement

A good image has the potential to increase your user engagement. It is essential to have pictures as part of your website as it will affect how long users stay on your website.

According to one study, online content with images will receive 94 percent views than pages without. That is a large amount of traffic you could be missing out on without having images on your pages. However, not all images are created equally, an image that directly relates to your content will perform better.

2. Higher search engine ranking

User engagement is one of the most important aspects of your website: more traffic equates to higher visibility on search engines.

Google images account for 22.6 percent of all internet searches, meaning having images alone will rank you higher.

It gives you an advantage as you can use ALT text which creates more content for search engines to index. This gives you a front on both images and normal search.

Unique images also play a factor in search rank, they build authority, and they just look better overall. Image SEO requires more than just a good image, the filename, captions, and alt text all play a role in search engine rankings. Images are the future of SEO as Artificial Intelligence becomes a player in understanding your website.

3. Impact creating leads

Lastly, pictures are the best ways to create leads. A picture is worth a thousand words to Google, and pictures can act the same way to users. Creating leads for your website ensures that you have a different method in reaching a potential customer. All that has been discussed point to lead generation, the end goal of a website get your users to use your services, buy products, or inform.

Images will draw in users which in turn will convert them into leads. Broken images are seen in the same way a broken links, this will negatively impact your website’s ranking. Google believes in good user experience, and broken images will be penalised.


Pictures can make or break your website; they play a role in user experience and it will affect your search engine ranking.

Images promote user engagement as they will give them a better understanding of your topic or page. They a key for drawing in traffic and converting them into leads.

However, it is important to use images that related to your page as they will impact user experience and increase bounce rate. It also gives you the chance to rank your images for other keywords related, which in turn could increase your visibility on Google. Using images is the easy part, optimising them is a whole different topic.


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