September 8, 2020

Why old content hurts your website and how to fix it

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Why old content hurts your website and how to fix it


Few people worry about their website’s old content. Usually, old posts are archived and forgotten, but what if I told you that your old content could help your website rank higher?

Old content hurts your website, as new content not only attracts users but also Google. Regularly updating old content will ensure your content is seen.

Your website ranking is what brings users to your website, and you could be boosting it by refreshing your old content. Refreshing your old relevant content will increase your click-through rates, let you update your SEO, and allows you to go over your content again.


check analytics

Check analytics and refresh your content

Before you decide to change your content, you must look at your analytics.

Your analytics data will show you detailed information on what pages are popular, which pages people click to, user engagement, and more about how users spend time on your website. Some content will always stay relevant and have traffic, but other content may have been popular at one stage, but traffic has gone down. Using this data, you can find what topic you want to refresh and track it when you post it.

The best content to refresh is content that is still relevant, former popular content, or content that requires new information.


Refresh your content

Refreshing your content allows you to do more with less, using less effort to get a huge result. As you spend time refreshing your content, also spend time fixing your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Even though grammar and spelling mistakes are not a ranking factor, it affects user experience.

This time can also be used to improve headlines and add fresh visuals to attract more users. Give your new content a twist or add new information. Also, add a good call to action to further develop engagement.


Increase click-through rate

The truth that users are more likely to click on newer links, meaning that if you update your content, that more people will click on it. More people clicking on your link will show Google that your content is engaging, and it will rank your website higher.

Several factors contribute to your click-through rate, your content is one aspect, but compelling descriptions and headlines grab your user’s attention.

Meta descriptions grab your user’s attention, this will make sure that new users are attracted to your updated content. New content will often increase more time spent on your website which will also increase your ranking as it shows Google your page authority.


Update your SEO

update SEOAs you take this opportunity to refresh your content, you should also refresh your SEO. SEO is constantly changing, and you should be changing it as well.

New keyword research and content research will highly benefit your ranking. It is always the best approach to identify new keywords that may improve your SEO rankings, making sure your new content has the best chances to rank higher than it did.

Going through your old content may help you find other SEO mistakes such as broken links. Fixing these small problems will ensure that Google indexes your site more often. It shows Google to expect these changes and sends it crawlers more often to your page.



Overall, old content hurts and new content will benefit you in many ways. It attracts new users, which will help your google ranking. Refreshing your content also requires detailed attention, check for spelling or grammar mistakes, check your SEO, and increase your click-through rate. Regularity updating your website’s posts or pages will ensure your site is indexed more often.

Do not let your old work go to waste, with a slight touch up it can give your content a new look.


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